I'm Andrew,

a programmer.



I'm an aspiring Software Engineer. I ❤️ technology, games, anime, and tacos.

My Skills.


Computer Science

I graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I have experience with C++, Python, Basic React & Javascript, Bootstrap, Data Structures & Algorithms, MySQL, NoSQL, Linux, Spark, Neo4J, basic Network and Cyber-Security concepts, and Operating Systems.


Google Cloud Platform

I participated in Google Cloud's Higher Education Summer Challenger / Career Readiness Program in the summer of 2021 and learned the skills needed to be successful in a cloud engineering role. I also practiced key job skills such as setting up a cloud environment, configuring and deploying a solution in the cloud, and DevOps related tasks.

Get In Touch

If you like what you see.

Love tacos as much as I do? Let's talk about how awesome they are! We can code while we eat tacos!

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